The relationship between man and woman

The relationship between man and woman
 Men and women meet and diverge, get married and divorced or, on the contrary, stay together, fight and make peace. Their relationships are experiencing "ups" and "downs". But despite all the hardships, these opposites attract.

Relationships between men and women hide a multitude of interesting points. For example, why people are looking for opportunities to be together, how do you know those who want to live life, and with whom to leave, why create a family, trying to be responsible for his wife (husband), and later for their children. Of course, one can conclude that the nature so conceived. Indeed, when a man was earner and the woman - keeper of the hearth and mother. Such a way of life made them need each other.

Now the situation has changed. Females have learned to make, and men - good to deal with children. You can adopt a child, a woman may resort to artificial insemination. It would seem that the union is not necessary, but, nevertheless, they are attracted to. And the reason for it - love. That feeling generate desire of men and women to build relationships, sometimes make mistakes and then start looking for a soul mate.

Although it should be noted that some form an alliance because of any selfish motives, but these situations are categorized as "cold" calculation.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect pair. Strong relationships are formed by trial and error: disputes, quarrels and reconciliations. Sometimes petty problems can lead to rupture. For example, you are very fond of pets and your husband horrified confusion leads them to the apartment and the need for regular walks. "Acute angle" may be even reluctance to wake up at the same time, ie, she - "lark", he - "owl". In such conflicts, you have to find a compromise or come to unpleasant decisions - you are not compatible. Period "lapping" tells how the long-term, there is a mutual understanding, whether true love come to you.

But neither men nor women are not afraid of obstacles. Probably because being alone is more difficult than to get used to the shortcomings and requirements favorites.

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