Solve your man!

Solve your man!
 Man at all times remain for women mystery. In fairness it should be noted that women pay them in return, so the interplay between these so obscure and misunderstood each other worlds is a mystery no less. However, psychologists have certain achievements, with which you can be a little closer to understanding these secrets, and try to unravel the ... well, at least to begin with her man. Make a kind of love and try to honestly answer all questions related to your chosen one.

Question №1. As your man talks
If he prefers to live communication correspondence in social networks or via SMS, then in front of you or the person at the time tired of communication in principle (for example, at work), or a person who is in the thrall of some of the complex, which he tries to compensate method of virtual conversations.

If, on the contrary, is the soul of the company constantly, loves to party or long hikes, it is likely he is more fascinated until socializing with friends than with you. Divide his passion, if you want to be closer to him.

Question №2. What are his friends
If his friends - former classmates, we can say with confidence that the dedication and consistency are his strengths. So you have to be patient before he will get you fully trust. If it is easy to find a language with strangers, introduce him to your friends, so that he could learn from your best side.

Question №3. What are his hobbies
If he is a passionate fan of team sports - so most likely inclined to regard all others as potential rivals. Amateur sports are usually solitary lives in his own world, in which you may be closed road forever.

If he likes to read, solve puzzles and enjoys music - so he has an independent character, and not used immediately taken for granted all he will say.

Question №4. His bad habits
If it is a heavy smoker, it apparently relates to the number of people who are in constant time pressure. If you like to drink - it may be irritable and unsure of himself. If he is an adherent of gambling - it is not always think about the future.

Question №5. Your man and sex
If your man likes to be initiated in sex and wants to do it everywhere - so sure that you do not alienate in any case and feel to it at least a strong desire than he to you. Fan of sex in the morning waking used to act on the situation, but always vigorously and aggressively.

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