Scandal by the rules

Scandal by the rules
 In a love relationship there are periods of ups and downs. Just yesterday you were willing to spend with your partner every waking moment, and today only feel irritation and fatigue. Do not keep emotions in themselves, because the desire to lock thought "the castle" can result in severe stress. Remember, "cute curse - just amuse" if they curse the rules.
 Rule 1: The main thing is not to win but to participate. To the scandal has not led to a cooling of relations, it is necessary to perceive it as a discharge, searching for a new way out of the situation. Therefore, do not stand on its stubbornly. After your victory - the defeat of a loved one. So you should strive to find a compromise solution.

Rule 2. No charges! All the claims are expressed, using I-messages. For example, the phrase "You're not doing anything for the family! "Should be replaced with the phrase" I am very need your help. " Try not to use negative generalizations such as "you are always rude," "You never listen to me." Otherwise small skirmish may turn into a grand conflict.

Rule 3. Do not insult! It is not necessary to show a man that you are fluent in the great and mighty Russian language. Especially rewarding favorite unflattering epithets. Otherwise, the answer you will also be able to learn about a lot of new and impartial. Reconcile after a "conversation" would be difficult and unpleasant aftertaste will remain forever. Nor should remember bad word of his relatives or friends. In the heat of an argument snide remark to the people close to him will be perceived very painful.

Rule 4. let bygones ... One scandal - another reason. If the arguments in defense of your innocence over, you should offer the world, and not add fuel to the fire remembering old grievances. Surely your strong half in stocks also have a couple of these "trump card". As a result of a quarrel last long, and the decision of the actual problem and will not be found. Feeling of incompleteness and lack of understanding are guaranteed.

Rule 5. Wall-to-wall. Showdown should start only when he was alone with her beloved. Firstly, you protect yourself from interfering with strangers, unwanted advice and their own embarrassment later. Second, the words spoken in the presence of strangers hurt much more. Remember that the male ego is very sensitive.

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