Partner search and preferences of others. Who to listen to?

Partner search and preferences of others. Who to listen to?
 Any new relationships make adjustments in life. Time, which used to spend with friends and family, now largely given to the partner. At first, love you always want to be around all the time. However, the close people can not always understand it. From this point of understanding the problems begin. How to understand what it is: jealousy or concern? Are family see what yet captured in the heat of feelings you do not notice, or just triggered a sense of ownership and self-interest?

Of course, it is necessary to listen to others, but only to listen, not to go on about. It's your life and you just have to decide where to go in the future. Nevertheless, many girls and women tend to engage in self-deception and ignore the obvious facts. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to only themselves, but at the same time keep your eyes and ears open.

The ratio of men to define simple, the most important thing to watch him carefully and do not look for excuses. Once you start trying to explain to myself the motives of his misbehavior, put up with annoying factor ("can endure, slyubitsya") - it says only that you do it not very much and likes, and he will too. In this case it is better to give up and release their time and hearts to a more suitable relationship. People do not change, but at the very beginning of the relationship held a kind of advertising campaign to attract the object of interest. It is not hard to guess that when your partner "relax", all that you slightly irritated may acquire a completely different scale.

The first thing you should pay attention. Who initiated the meeting and socializing? If it is, then all is well. And if you are, then there is reason to think. It turns out that these relations are much more you need, rather than him, and he simply accepts what is in the hands of itself. Some basics of gender relations came from the womb of nature and we can not change them. Man is by nature a hunter. When he was really like a woman, he will look for it, write, call. Sometimes you even start to get tired of this amount of attention. Fortunately, the girl is not necessary to strain to be loved. This is a man's job. We either love or not. The main task - to correctly understand the essence of all that is happening.

Of course, in words everything is much easier than actually. When a relationship already have permanent status, has a number of important points, drawing attention to that you understand what are the prospects for the future is that union. He just wants to see you in a state of intoxication or any meeting ends drinking beverages stronger than lemonade? It is safe to say that a young man interested in sex far more than your inner world. Treason - still one of the poignant moments. Yes, of course, anything can happen in life, but there are no coincidences. Do not believe the excuses like: "I do not know how it happened". Changing, it jeopardizes your relationship, therefore, is not that they are to him and roads. Last key point - that's marriage. If you meet the first year, but he does not offer to be his forever (himself) - this can only mean that you are not the kind of woman with whom the beloved wants to spend the rest of life. Men are honest enough and never get through they cross. They want to be with those who really want to be. And love heals manic fear of commitment.

In addition to all the above points, there are lots of nuances specific to each pair individually. In order to live a happy life, do not be too tense. Do not waste your precious time on someone who does not love you. Do not suffer, do not torture. Any relationship that did not work - it just figure that you do not approach each other, and no one (neither you nor he) is not to blame. Leave peacefully. The sooner you break the union failed, the faster meet someone who is fate.
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