Metrosexuals - who are they?

Metrosexuals - who are they?
 Surrounded by most of us have at least one man, not like the others. It always stops glance: Fashionable clothes and shoes, stylish hairstyle, manicured hands. He seemed to be descended from the pages of a fashion magazine. Meet - before you a typical representative of metrosexuals. Who are they?

In 2002, one of the representatives of the journalistic fraternity, a certain Mark Simpson, described a new species of men, calling them metrosexuals. This urban dwellers (or ancient Greek - metropolitan), whose primary task is to care about yourself.

Meet the metrosexual can be among creative professionals. Actors, artists, fashion designers, stylists - for most of them the appearance of great importance. Metrosexuals frequent visitors fashionable beauty salons, they know about the updates to the salon skin care, follow fashion trends. In the hands of such a person, you can see the popular men's magazine.

Metrosexuals are not necessarily rich. They can be found among students and among office workers with a fairly modest means. Metrosexual prefer to save money on food than indulge in buying fashionable perfume. Be sure he does not miss the exhibition of the popular artist, to support a conversation about the latest new books, a new line of men's cosmetics, always advise that you can buy as a gift, because he is a frequent visitor shopping centers - trust anyone buying things or cosmetic products - not in its rules.

They are meticulously considered in the mirror, looking for flaws. Patrons of the fitness center, solarium - their well-groomed muscular body is impressive. They are often called daffodils for narcissism. But they are not slackers. Metrosexuals can successfully work and earn money, because the financial success - part of their image. They are excellent professionals with expertise in their field is not worse than the marks aftershaves. Famous footballer David Beckham - typical metrosexual, whose appearance is constantly excites the minds of a large army of fans - managed to maintain the interest of not only due to the impeccable appearance, but also excellent professionalism.

Metrosexuals, who replaced the macho - a relatively recent phenomenon. Therefore, the attitude towards them is ambiguous - from polite curiosity to outright admiration or rejection. They look in favorable light on the background of ordinary men who do not see the difference between Armani and Karl Lagerfeld, but not every woman is able to compete with metrosexuals, and give preference to the typical man, not too concerned about their appearance.

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