Men do not like it

Men do not like it
 Many of the women are in blissful ignorance of the fact that the same does not like the beloved is in it, because the loved one will never admit it. Nevertheless, in a woman lies many drawbacks, which become visible from the outside, particularly from the viewpoint of man.

Lie in bed

Sexologists have repeatedly proven fact: all women at least once, but pretending to be in bed. Some do not even imitate a violent passion, holding her because they want to look "decent". No big blow to the ego of men than lie in bed. One hint of cheating them feel uneasy. It turns out for so many years, he could not bring his partner to orgasm! Advice to women: absolutely any normal man going through frank whether his favorite sex. Never need to lie in a given situation. But sometimes exaggerate the successes of men necessary. So is the case with inexperienced young people. But without performances!

Eternal delay

Men hardly stand when a woman is late periodically, but was warned in advance. Unfortunately, many men are simply unable to comprehend the strange woman's nature, so are forced to put up with it.

Talk hints

It turns out only one man knows that the woman question, "What are you thinking now" is quite different: "Talk with me now." And this man - a psychologist. Others, unfortunately, do not understand these hints, experiencing and angry because of this.

Meticulousness around

Among all men hardly typed 10 percent who know that dirty socks must be in the tank for clothes, not under the bed. The vast majority of men can not stand when a woman is nitpicking.


This female character trait patted a lot of male nerves. "I plowed the whole month, as Pope Carlo only to you bought the fifth year in a row hat!" - Beating hysterically unhappy. Blinking eyes, a woman and she can not explain why no money left on your favorite perfume.


Women are emotional by nature, so can literally out of nothing to make a real scandal. Here to do is just not worth it. Sometimes it is only one drop to have breached the man's patience and ... relationships can be damaged permanently.

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