How to keep a new friend

How to keep a new friend
 At the party, you were introduced to a very nice young man. You exchanged a more neutral phrase and now painfully think that to say that dating is not finished with this party. A few simple rules to help you cope with this task.

You stunning dress, perfect makeup and luxury shoes. What else? Before you go on holiday, take a warm bath with essential oils and listen to the music you want. This will set you on the romantic mood. And no man will not leave it unattended.

Listen carefully to his new friend. This will give him confidence and arrange for further communication. Are you listening carefully, you will learn a lot about it. At the end, it may be that it is not a handsome prince, but only horse in costume prince.

Do not rush to tell him everything about yourself right away. Secrets add attractiveness to women. Still, do not forget to give him guidance on which he will be able to find you, even if you lose your phone. A huge number of successful novels did not take place for this reason.

Be optimistic. Smile and positive energy attracts men. Not worth complaining about his chief-tyrant, cellulitis, or my mother's nagging. Related topics worth discussing with close friends, they will regret and sympathy. Men from other people's problems tend to distance themselves.

It's nice when all the men at the party you do not reduce with enthusiastic eyes. But swimming in the universal adoration better care. Make your choice and concentrate on any one option. Otherwise you may have, as the saying about the two birds.

Do not seek to immediately find a partner. It is better to spend some time in the shade and look at the society. This will help you choose the most interesting young man and have him spend his strength. Otherwise, it may happen that the prince will pass until you detach from his elbow too intrusive and inappropriate beau.

Maybe it will happen tonight, maybe? you parted at the door ... In any case, some condoms do not prevent. Just remove them away to avoid unpleasant moments. A condom that had fallen out of your bags at the wrong time, you will not add points.

Think about how lucky he was that he met you. Feel lovely and generous princess. Soon he himself will understand.

Do not be too serious. Woman who strives to "hook up" the gentleman, men feel a mile away and sidestep. They prefer to be hunters. Be fun and frivolous. This party is not the last chance to arrange their own destiny.

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