Happily Divorced

Happily Divorced
 When people start a family, they are unlikely to think about how to be divorced. Yes, in principle, the couple even think on this subject do not want. After all, most married once and for all life. Only translate into reality their dreams of eternal love is not that at all. Approximately half of all marriages in Russia, eventually end in divorce. Personal perception of divorce, attitude all people are different. Someone experiencing a very difficult event of his life, and for someone just divorce becomes a real joy.

Indeed, the situation in a marriage can be so severe that it will be perceived as a divorce is the greatest joy in life. So what happens when one of the spouses becomes a tyrant.

In fairness it should be noted that the unbearable living conditions can create not only a man. Women, too, there are domestic tyrants, completely suppress the will of his household. Although, of course, often suffer from domestic violence it is women and children. Divorce in such a situation - no simple matter, dual, often at the risk of physical harm. And if a woman manages to escape from such a man, the divorce can confidently be called happy.

There is such a category of people who were married to forget that this is not just a beautiful ritual. It was only later they begin to realize that acquiring a new status makes them and the new requirements. Immature, infantile personality, unable to accept responsibility. And if a partner does not want to shoulder the entire load, then just avoid the conflict will not work.

One will always dissatisfied with the fact that all the problems fall on his head and the spouse does not want to take responsibility. The second, on the contrary, will be irritated because that to him constantly pestered with some nonsense, do not give him quietly do their work. In this situation, the stamp of divorce for infantile personality will be a real holiday gift.

Divorce always takes a lot of mental strength. Therefore, if there is the slightest chance to save the family, we had to do their best. But, if it is impossible to preserve the family, try to do it as calm and civilized. After all, a source of stress can become not only a fact of divorce, but also the process, during which the possibility of mutual insults, accusations, children and property division.

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