From the network with love

From the network with love
 An indispensable companion of modern man has long been a computer and internet. Online games, social networks, dating sites - who now does not use at least one of these resources? Most of the personal life moved the World Wide Web. Rumors and stories about how people learn on the internet and create a family - it's real?  

Given how much time a person spends in the modern Internet, we can not deny the fact that there are unavoidable dating. But what they end? Many are "distant" friends for many years. Write it is much easier than it sounds. Therefore friendship on the Internet more frank. Yes and methods for betrayal hardly tuck.

But after a lengthy correspondence you understand that going to sleep, think about your friend. Over time, you begin to grieve and worry without watching it online, jealous, discovering new photos of the girls, and in the end, you know, that fell in love. And here's something you come across the first and pitfalls - in its reciprocity is highly questionable and something you live in different cities. Maybe that's all and over. However, statistics show that most online novels still come to the meeting, in reality, to at least one.

Often in person is that people are different. For example, on the Internet, he listened to you and always helped with advice. But in reality turned out to be a rare talker and does not say a word to you. This is not surprising in view of the fact that the dialog communication in the correspondence there is no way to interrupt or do not listen. In any case, in order not to burden themselves with unnecessary suffering should arrange a real date. Disappointed, and will not suffer. And had grown still more in his feelings - so there is a great chance to continue the relationship. But it will be soon possible when moving to another city.

Cases of the creation of families after online novels very much, so it's possible that your love will be successful.

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