Sex in marriage

Sex in marriage
 Desire and passion - a prerequisite of good relations. How strong is the desire at the beginning of the novel, when the lovers are ready to make love day and night, where and how you want. Finally, ceased to vibrate march by Mendelssohn, flying honeymoon, and it was the turn of joint everyday life. Is it possible to avoid the collapse of sexual idyll of life?

In the beginning of the relationship lovers experience strong emotional lift. Therefore, their feelings seem incredibly strong, and looks just perfect partner. However, over time more and more manifest the characteristics of each individual, including, and especially sexual temperament.

Sexologists distinguish 3 types of temperament: high, medium and low. Belonging to one category or another depends on the amount of testosterone - the hormone responsible for sexual desire. It is thanks to him that people with a high degree of sexuality not only need daily, varied sex, but also have rich vegetation on the body. For a person with low temperament Sex is not very important, so even prolonged abstinence he will bring peace.

It is best to choose a partner with the adjacent type of temperament: medium and low, medium and high. However, partners with borderline categories can get along with each other, if they take their own characteristics and do not require too much of the second half.

Rough female mistake - push sex on the back burner. Realizing itself in the role of mother, specialist, mistress, the fair sex are not allowed to have the strength to sensual intimacy with their spouse. For men, the lack of intimate life is identical to the absence of love, and hence the relationship. Psychologists advise to prioritize as follows: in the first place to put his own person, the second husband - the third child and only after - work, life and so on.

A married couple has to go through a lot of adversity and crisis: problems with work, money, difficulties in raising children. However, you should never forget about intimacy. Cut out at least one weekend a month in order to be alone. Treat your spouse as to the stranger who needs to conquer and seduce, be flirtatious, sometimes - defiantly looseness. Feeling a wife not only a devoted friend, but also a sensual lover, a husband will be responsible constant passion and affection.

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