Endure - slyubitsya ... it happens?

Endure - slyubitsya ... it happens?
 Marriage is not always brings the bright lights of passion and mad love. Sometimes the marriage is in the absence of these feelings in the hope that with time and can endure slyubitsya, as they say mothers and grandmothers.
 Loveless marriage increasingly common. Today, girls are in no hurry down the aisle, experiencing passion partner. On the contrary, they are waiting for the man with whom would be comfortable to go through life.

This principle of choosing a husband is not called calculation is - a pragmatic approach, which is often chosen by those who have already burned about a marriage made in the period of passion. Sterpitcja-Sljubitsja those who in a certain way related to your partner, and receives something in return.


Without it, none the relationship will not develop in the long term. Mutual partners, the ability to appreciate the person who is next - this is something that is becoming a basic element of a successful marriage.

Tenderness and affection

They need to be with you every day, because on their basis are formed strong relationships. If weasel in your alliance - something far away, you have to live in constant patience. More often than not, in such situations, women actively seek and find lovers, which leads to divorce.

A successful marriage material base

Wife, Peel husband for what he slacker and a loser, because it has not been able to find well-paid jobs - a sign of the degradation of marriage. Need to marry for the man who folded his and your budget will provide for the family and give it a higher standard of living.

Not to burden joint life

In a couple where love fades into the background, life gets in the head. Cohabitation under the same roof is transformed into a real challenge, because sometimes you have to tolerate the violation of personal space and forget about privacy. Therefore comfort in this plan - an important part of the Union, in which she does not feel strong romantic feelings.

Lack of disgust and hostility

This factor affects the entire life. Nothing to worry about if you do not love her husband. Scary when you are physically rejects it. Life with such a person does not work out, no matter how you try.

If married husband loves you more than you have it, do not despair. Time has shown that these are the unions last very long, because you will not have a reason to destructive jealousy, morbid passion and other elements that often go hand in hand with the strongest love. Perhaps the first time you will blame themselves for marriage without love, but over the years realize that saying "Sterpitcja-Sljubitsja" was invented for a reason.

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