A talented man. Instructions for use

A talented man. Instructions for use
 Creative and has a remarkable erudition representatives of the stronger sex - always extraordinary personality, ambitious, with lots of mazes and pitfalls in your own head. Love this man interesting, but often it becomes a difficult test for his companion.  

Given the nature of talent and bury it in the ground in no way be. There are no such people who would be complete phony and could not be in this life is absolutely nothing. People tend to philosophize, so he can turn your life into a difficult test.

Start with the fact that if you choose this man, this means you love him and are willing to put up with all its flaws and complexities of nature.

Give him his freedom. If he talks to you about the issues of the universe, about the problems of life and death, about the hidden problems of philosophy and religion, do not interrupt him and not silenced, even if you are not interested. For him, the main thing - to talk, to capture the audience. Man and did not want to know can reply opinion on these issues. In conversation, he forms his own position, try it on the ears of a particular object. And who else to talk to, if not with his lover? If your position is the opposite, you should always look for a compromise. Make it a rule - you are smarter than him, so it will be easier. A "cockroaches" in his head somehow still remain with him.

If it is a creative profession, it is not necessary to break his life and send to another job in order to earn a lot of money. So you can break his creation. Man lost in his thoughts. such vital situation can bring it to the thoughts of worthlessness of its existence. Alcohol and suicidal impulses among creative people in need no mention. Hardest instance can you just leave, if the choice is you or his work.

Do not limit his living space. Even if his life has a creative mess, you should not reproach him for this. Well, why clean up on the table when the problems of heaven and hell are not solved yet?

Do not pay much attention to the emotional changes your "creator". Actors, writers, musicians, artists always wear masks. And if today your talented man is gentle romantic, you should not be surprised that tomorrow he will turn into a depressing reality of the subject. Just be there and try to support his kind words. Believe me - it thanks will not take long. Always be aware that the beloved you need both air and in this case, empathize with him will be much easier.

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