5 main enemies of love

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 Lonely people is very difficult to find love, about which so much has been written and spoken. But the most difficult to find to save it. After all, a lot of people with whom you can relax, to flirt or to have sex, and very few of those with whom you can live, but still happy.

Enemy №1: Boredom.
Often the relationship from the "quiet happiness" into the state "dull routine." Housework, work, leaving the shops in a day, dinner with family, going to the cafe with friends and it seems that soon something will change, but for some reason this does not happen. When there is no stability, it is very desirable, and when it appears, it becomes a burden. Many are able to deal with boredom, and many do not.
If the relationship become dusty and boring, this is no reason of their break, just need to diversify their anything.

Enemy №2: Laziness.
As a rule, harmonious relations exist only in active and easy-going people who do not focus entirely on the family and work, somewhere to go, make new acquaintances, and so on.
But most people are not doing it because of their laziness. They tend to prefer to spend their free time at home near the TV or computer. And from that little good impressions and therefore the relationship overgrown with cobwebs and dust.

Enemy №3: Greed.
Psychologists say that love - this is where happiness and peace of mind of man becomes your happiness and peace of mind. Love - it means to give free time, energy, emotion and attention. Therefore, people who start thinking: "you give me - I give you" personally kill love. Greed in the relationship ends very badly, including because it creates resentment.

Enemy №4: Grievances.
Offended or not - is the choice of everyone. But it is better to reconsider its behavior towards a partner and identify the reasons for which it offends you.

Enemy №5: Fear.
People are often afraid to change anything in your life. This can not be done. After one day you wake up and realize that sleeping next to you is not the same person that you connect only children and debt on the loan. To avoid this, you need not be afraid, but to act. Me, turns everything upside down, put the joint goals and achieve them together. And most importantly, support each other in everything.

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