Whether or not to be a bitch

Whether or not to be a bitch
 Modern life requires a variety of situations in which you must be confident and hard or soft and kind. Therefore, every woman should know which points to show the features of a bitch.

Bitch called a woman who primarily care about their well-being and welfare. Very often this occurs at the expense of other people, as bitchy character shows disrespect for other people and negative attitude towards them. To save a relationship is advisable to choose the middle, so as not to be allowed to be "gray mouse", but also to restrain emotions and excessive selfishness.

Very often, a woman after failed relationships with men becoming quite aggressive and daring in relation to other members of the stronger sex. This is a common mistake, because of which the lady can stay for a lifetime alone, as bitchy character does not give her to step over its principles and try their luck again.

Of course, traits bitch very often help in everyday life. For example, flawless execution of orders at work leads to the fact that all employees are trying to load their responsibilities. In this case, you must be able to competently and correctly refuse to colleagues did not use kindness. That is, should analyze the situation and to extract from it the maximum benefit for themselves.

In other situations, it is necessary to show restraint and patience so as not to destroy the relationship with the boss, friends or other people. Many women can be difficult to control myself and not give the person anything that they think of him. Sludet remember that talk in anger may have a negative impact on the fate of women, as fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Thus, to be or not to be a bitch - everyone decides for himself. But the best option is the combination of traits competent bitches and good girl. This makes it possible to adapt to different situations, but do not give in insult.

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