What is shocking men

What is shocking men
 Men are often surprised by the unpredictability of the female character, amazing logic and strange habits. Man will never understand why his favorite sets several times a day the same question: Do you love me? Women can expect from anything, as even its final decision, it changes many times, without explaining why.

Men used to be surprised, but still left in the women's stockpiles of weapons that will shock any member of the male sex.

Tantrums due to a broken nail. Men do not even realize how important it is to have a hair color, nails of a certain length and color. Each nail is subjected to a thorough inspection for cracks, burrs and other damage almost daily. After all, beautiful manicure - this is primarily self-confidence. And as soon as is breaking or cracking at least one nail - comes to an end. It is a heavy emotional trauma, because this protects the nail as the apple of an eye. And then disaster struck, the nail is broken, a sea of ​​tears. And the horror if the nail was not accrued, and its natural, most dear and beloved.

Invisible pimple. Any man would be shocked if his lady suddenly throw a fit because of the absence, as he seems to be a pimple on his cheek. All was quiet, but she studied his face in a magnifying mirror and discovered something terrible. First, she lamented, then long it evaluated and began to squeeze. Skin blushed slightly swollen, leading to an even greater disappointment. Then came the Inquisition - smearing the face with all sorts of means, permanent look in the mirror and wait for the disappearance of the global problem of all mankind.

Falling hair. After another bathing hair should be combed and dried. And suddenly the comb were several hairs. She is hysterical, because the last time was only 3 hairs, and today 5. Hence, the hair began to fall harder and soon the sun will shine a bald head. She begins to touch all sorts of reasons misfortune, and always returns to the same denominator - this is the end of life on Earth! Now she will have to wear a veil, since no other way out of this situation does not exist.

Man shocked and watching all the events taking place, trying to be quiet, as is afraid that his every word may cause more violent and unpredictable reactions. Why did he have another unpleasant?

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