Tridesyatoe kingdom, or history after sex and to love

Tridesyatoe kingdom, or history after sex and to love
 What is a man after thirty? What are his priorities, inclinations, tastes and habits? What he appreciates in women and what women appreciate it? No matter how you discuss this topic, understand and comprehend it can only be a man, which is slightly over thirty.

There is a stereotype in society: the man who turned thirty years abroad, especially in our time, has to have a family, a stable job, a car, an apartment or a house. In other words, to be a reliable, responsible and self-confident. So try men struggled, trying, as they say, fit, profit itself sores and premature wrinkles on the body and soul.

Stay, dear man! Listen to yourself! After all, you are still young enough to bury himself alive in the walls of the stuffy office or in the womb of the car. Remember how you used to love to walk barefoot on the grass, listening to music stupor, arguing with friends. Do you think that all this is over? And what lies ahead if the answer?

Of course, many rescues family, beloved wife and children. But, unfortunately, at this age, many men either are already divorced (and, moreover, to acquire new family in no hurry), or gradually become celibate, on weekends catch ladies of all ages to bed comfort and singing their songs only about yourself . Do you think that what you are so generous and kind strained with the ladies, even for a moment to make them believe in your spiritual worth, really valuable for any woman? Do not be fooled.

Women appreciated and valued in men of any age, not only reliability, generosity, thoroughness, but also a sense of humor that goes beyond the vulgar salon picks, and the breadth of the soul, capable to accommodate a woman completely and forever, not for just one night.

You quote Houellebecq and Pelevin, but is, in fact, one of the products of the consumer society. Do you not shine fate of another "American scoundrel" who grew up in the Russian fat? Read the best of the classics - there are answers to all questions. And to the one you care about most: so there is still love after sex or not? Because, no matter how you may be blinkered, no, no yes and flashes in your mind long-forgotten image of the girl that was your only love, and you are trying to find until now.

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