Seven complexes that may interfere with a relationship with a man

Seven complexes that may interfere with a relationship with a man
 Some members of the fairer half of humanity acquaintance with men prevents nothing else as their own complexes. However, knowing the enemy in the face, it is possible to overcome the doubts and find long-term relationships.

Self-doubt. Someone does not have enough to be completely happy shapely legs or breast size, others feel that they are too thick or thin. We must remember that there are no perfect people, and appearance plays a major role in the relationship of any kind. Unremarkable in appearance, but has a good-natured character, subtle sense of humor Laughs much more attractive to explore, rather than beautiful, but cold and calculating model. Ability well tastefully dressed, to emphasize its advantages, be cheerful and upbeat - that's the secret of these beauties.

Devstvennost.Nekotorye girls think that this is more a problem for the elect, rather than prestige. Indeed some gentlemen believe that relations with Vestal bear additional general liability and prefer not to deal with an inexperienced partner. So maybe we should not spend their nerves on timid and irresponsible.

Lack of experience in bed. Gives rise to the fear that the beloved remains unsatisfied. In this case it is necessary to share the problem with a man. If he is in love and wants to be close, it will help to overcome the doubts and learn everything you need.

Former fiancee was better. Think about it very harmful. Especially dangerous to talk on such topics ungrateful to the young man. If the lover has some experience, it is best to take it as a blessing, taught by the same communication errors he will try to avoid missteps.

Complex "Alice in Wonderland." Psychological problem arises from the fact that the owner of her living in a fantasy world, believes in the prince on a white horse and a ship with scarlet sails. Being unprepared for real life, she is disappointed in the relationship, avoid sex, lives illusions.

Passivity. In this case, it just do not want to strain, pleasure and comfort partner. Nevertheless, the relationship and living together require bilateral efforts, finding solutions to problems and improvement.

Excessive demands on the partner. Presenting unrealistic demands to a living person can only give up the most, no more. It is better to learn to appreciate the chosen one in its best quality and be condescending to his weaknesses and shortcomings.

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