Nonsense about sex

Nonsense about sex
 One of the problems of Russian society is that people do not get sex education, although sex is one of the most important moments of life. Having no knowledge of the nature of sex without knowing the laws of happy sex life, men and women believe all sorts of nonsense from the internet, porn and stories such as uninformed friends. Accumulated a lot of myths about sex. What exactly?

There illegal sexual positions and movements.
Culture, religion, society for centuries imposed restrictions on sex. But modern sexologists confidently say poses no unacceptable! In sex can be all that is a pleasure for both partners. When choosing a position to consider the needs of both, health status, physical capabilities of the body and the environment in which sexual intimacy passes.

A woman should not take the initiative in sex.
In women for centuries formed the ideals of modesty, chastity, obedience. It is believed that it should not be the initiator of the sexual act, can only deliberately initiate partner and wait for him to offer to have sex. Forget it immediately! Men love when the partner is active and interested in the proximity. They like to feel welcome. And the woman nice sometimes to change the role of the role of humility lamb predatory tiger.

Masturbation can trigger the development of diseases, and generally harmful to humans.
There just is no nonsense invented by people about masturbation! And it's bad, and it's a shame. But experts claim that it is nice and helpful. It masturbation helps a person get to know your body and learn to enjoy the contact with another person. Some people admit that they kind of masturbating partner is highly excited and is an excellent prelude to the bright intercourse. Besides, sometimes masturbation helps keep faithful partner during his prolonged absence or illness.

Sex toys use only perverts.
Russian society has not yet departed from the Soviet ideals considers each visitor sex shop pervert and morally corrupt person. But sex toys can make a welcome variety in sexual life, add emotions and sensations. Of course, if you are not prepared mentally to the handcuffs and dildos, it is better not to use them. But if you hold back only prejudices, forget about them and enjoy life.

Sex should be every day and last for at least half an hour and the other time frame of sexual intimacy.
Sexologists at the sight of such statements clutching his head. It is up to them many psychological disorders and even depression. There is no ideal time performance of the sexual act and can not be. All this is very individual. It depends on the rhythm of life, temperament, health, age and many other factors. Correct way like you and your partner, but you define your ideals and frame.

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