Myths about Love

Myths about Love
 Legends and Myths envelop all around, they are not spared side and is a wonderful feeling, like love. Most of them take their roots from the novels of the past centuries, but some of the myths came from contemporary films and books. Sometimes people take them for granted and suffer from the imperfections of his love.
 The first myth. Men are recognized in love first.

Yes, sometimes it is, but it's worth noting that they do not always feel what they say. Women who have been in love, invests in these three words much more than a man. That is the stronger sex can feel attracted to you only, some sympathy, but to say that he loves. The woman, on the contrary, has not yet sure of his feelings - not recognized.

The second myth. Love really is possible only once.

This statement came from the past centuries, when widows almost put the cross. Think of how many of your friends have built a strong and happy family, although previously loved completely different people. It is this myth makes people unhappy, so just fell in love with and disappointed in a partner, they consider themselves useless and imperfect.

The third myth. If your second "half" is jealous of you - so loves!

This is absolutely not true. Jealous man, on the contrary, it may destroy the relationship, he understands it, but somehow sense of ownership perebaryvat it. People who like, want to achieve harmony in relationships, make people happy and not upset him, jealous is no end in something suspects make a scene.

Myth Four. If you love someone - you will not hide anything.

They say that almost everyone has a "skeleton in the closet." And how would you not want to - it is best not to show it. Of course, you have to be with your loved frank and honest, but do not tell all his secrets, especially if they relate to past relationships. Yes, and there is no need to run and report your loved one that a colleague at work, or you winked invited for dinner. Is it worth it to load your bright and romantic relationships of all this information.

Myth Five. Loving person always changing for the better, if it wants the second "half".

This myth does not always work. More often than not, having fallen in love, man closes his eyes to the many flaws, but to change a loved one, will have to try. First, think, and whether you need it, because you fell in love with a person, with all its shortcomings.

You should not believe the myths. Remember that every person - the creator of your life, and he lives it as it sees fit. Close your eyes to love legends and be happy.

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