Modern woman does not need a man?

Modern woman does not need a man?
 If only a few years ago, riding the desires of the fairer sex was a good marriage, but today women's priorities have changed significantly. Some ladies even safe to say that there may well do without men. But is this really so?

Just a few centuries ago, a woman could not have dreamed of any other class except marriage. Yes, that's right, because the family at that time was a real job. Years passed. Came emancipation.

Over time, women have won not only the opportunity to get an education, but also to work on a par with men in all fields. However, this has changed and he look at men women and men - women. So, for example, if earlier, women hold only the household, but now it also besides should supplement and the family budget.

In addition, more and more women are saddled with their shoulders and another purely a man's job - making important decisions. This is due to the fact that many men today, such decisions are simply unwilling to accept. It's so convenient when someone decides for them and also bears responsibility himself.

The result of this independence is that the woman becomes the head of the family, consciously or subconsciously. However, in some specific period of time there comes a time when she is physically unable to perform previously assumed functions. At this time, it is necessary to pass the reins of the newly formed Pope. Often, the same men are not able to earn and make decisions. At this time, women are more likely, and realize that they do not need a man and decide to leave.

After leaving the woman a long time without a man - she needs to take care of yourself, baby and she do not have time for other things. When it comes time to think about a new relationship or just nature prevails, women are increasingly trying to do without men. Fortunately, the money they earn they can, and today you can also buy everything: love and attention.

So it turns out that over time, men need women less. And who is to blame? Women themselves!

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