Love that does not exist

Love that does not exist
 Love sung by poets of all time. All dream about to experience this beautiful, bright feeling. In this case, there is a clear separation stages relations "love" and "love." Moreover, love is seen as something frivolous and windy, and love - a serious and lifelong.

In fact, according to the logic of relations, in the first stage vapor passes through the temporary loss of reason - love. Hormones are going wild, brain activity decreases, the lovers see each other only what they want to see. Idealization and recklessness - these are the main features of this stage.

After that comes the epiphany. Neither the man nor the woman did not understand what was going on in their relationship, they are used to that business as usual, but right now it is "as always" suddenly cracks. Suddenly become noticeable flaws, which did not exist before, features that are not observed before - everything except what was seen in the first stage. This stage is characterized by frustration and, in half the cases, break.

So what happens? Why not after the love comes love, as it is expected? Why love does not turn into something more? The answer is simple - different people. Love provided a surge of hormones, but after going addictive couple faces a choice - or to put up with each other's shortcomings and to make concessions or to disperse.

The problem is that people often do not realize that such a term as "Love" in the sense that they believe does not exist. There is a marriage in which there is mutual respect and affection - it is. And there is love, Tumanyan mind and leads to the marriage - is also true. But the concept of "Love" is simply impossible - sooner or later run out of love hormones, and God forbid that either at this point had the prudence and forethought before or after have the patience.

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