Life with genius

Life with genius
 Falling in love with a man, a woman usually pays attention to his appearance, demeanor, actions, and not the kind of its activities. One whole life peacefully live with the engineer, the other for six months waiting for his captain, and a third did not know how to please a loved one who is constantly in a creative suffering. Life with a genius is a severe test for the sake of art and love.

Being the wife of a genius - is, on the one hand, it is interesting and honorable, and on the other - not life, but a heavy cross. Understand the creative person is very difficult, because all the time he is in the world of their plans and ideas. For example, you stroked the wrong shirt for ordinary men could cause a quarrel. And your genius today grabbed his head and shouting words of delight, run write his new work, and tomorrow will launch a shirt in your face in a fit of anger.

If you value these relationships, we must get used to this turn of events. Patience and calm in any situation - the key to success in such a marriage. Must constantly correspond to the image that is now passionate about your husband. Ie to be his muse. And this is the place very quickly noticed someone else. Many creative people - flighty and unstable.

When did not try to be the same genius as your husband, because its nature will not tolerate competition, especially on your part. You have to understand that genius - it's only his gift, and you just need to stay smart, understanding woman. Very well, if you did not have inclinations to art at all, because your husband and so constantly in the clouds, and if you strive for it, who will remain on the earth? For a good relationship will be enough to understand his needs and desires.

Life with genius requires to be a good hostess. Every man loves cleanliness and order, and talented in this simply needs. Not supplemented his creative mess in my head household problems. Only careful attitude to his workplace: geniuses even a certain order of things on the table creates a special atmosphere.

In the sex life you have to try on a variety of roles. It's no secret that many famous people were fans of role-playing games and even light distortions. In this regard, a very free-thinking genius. They are easy to converge with other women, but the wife is always the wife. Love pushes these men to the most crazy things: enough to remember the relationship with Lily Brik Mayakovsky or Baudelaire and Jeanne Duval.

You should always feel and understand your spouse. His genius - that belongs to all mankind, but is in your hands. Be smart, because this is your feminine genius.

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