How we perceive men

How we perceive men
 Men know how they are perceived by almost all women. After all, the weaker sex does not hide the results of their reasoning. A strong half of mankind can tell a lady just something concrete and specific situation. And yet, established in the minds of the men's view of women there.
 For example, they are convinced that our thinking is very peculiar. Or, in other words, the term "female mind" implies stupidity. And it does not depend on the level of education and intelligence of women. We are talking about the inconsistency and nesobrannosti.

Indeed, to get dressed, apply makeup, comb your hair, open the door and go back to change the hairpin, which does not fit into your shoes can only be a woman. Men just do not understand our attention to detail and peculiar to our understanding of the situation.

Men also suspect that we have no sense of humor. They simply believe overwhelmingly that women are virtually unable to create funny situations and jokes. And there is some truth. That seems ridiculous man, we can not.

Ladies who poured to a friend who can not tolerate alcohol, vodka juice, and then laughing uncontrollably over her reaction unit. Men's jokes, usually have an element of aggression and desire to control the situation. Female humor is more aimed at strengthening mutual understanding.

Even men claim that we have devised PMS to justify their inappropriate behavior. They do not know what it is and therefore do not understand the difference in the well-being of women in ordinary days and days of the cycle. There is nothing you can do. Is it something to remember that in criminal cases the ICP in cases of aggression woman is a mitigating circumstance.

Men also believe that we can not spend the money wisely. For example, some fall into a stupor, knowing how much it costs a pretty lace lingerie set. From their perspective, a new bumper on the car would be much more reasonable investment.

Stronger sex scares that we always about them all know. Any woman will determine whether or not the spouse is lying, telling why he came late at night. They were not happy, our insight. They believe that a beautiful lie sometimes better than the bitter truth. There is also nothing to be done - a woman's intuition is much higher than men's.

Men also believe that we can not be friends. Of course, those friends that will cover the bullet and give the last shirt, there are mostly men. Women also friendship involves communication, support, opportunity to share my soul.

Yet men think that we are very much want. And so there are always unhappy that there are increased requirements. This is indeed the case. List of family values ​​woman contains many items. Here and children's happiness, and confidence in the future, and understanding. In men, only two points - sex and common interests (what else). So that their happiness is much more accessible.

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