How to quarrel?

How to quarrel?
 Differences on a particular occasion inevitably arise in relations between people. Inability to solve problems constructively and certainly the desire to have his own life situation can usually be turned into a protracted quarrel.
 To paraphrase a famous saying, "The best row - one that does not start." If you have a claim to anyone, try to formulate them so as not to offend the man. Without shouting, the most kindly explain what you do not like, and what kind of behavior you expect from a friend. If this is your colleague or neighbor is likely he would understand if the your request and will meet you, at least partially.

Unfortunately, relationships with close people often fold harder than just friends. The usual request is perceived as a reproach, note - as a criticism. Try not to let the discussion of specific problems has become a global showdown. If the person is trying to use arguments like: "Do you own something ...", asked quietly: "You want to talk about it? Well, we'll discuss it, but first, let's solve the problem ... "

Try to take the side of the interlocutor and to consider his arguments. Agree with the ideas that seem right to you, and ask them to consider the other side of the issue. If you anticipate that you will be serious dispute, make a list of your arguments to temper not to forget something important.

In a quarrel with my boyfriend NOT be used against him the information that he told you in a moment of candor. This is perceived as a betrayal, and inevitably leads to the destruction of relationships. Can not be used as an argument to the shortcomings of his relatives. And, of course, in any case can not proceed to the insults. You can forget about it the next day, and your partner will remember everything and adjust relevant to you accordingly.

Avoid also insults in his address. If the row has moved to this stage, it is best to stop her words: "In such a tone, I will not talk" - or just shut up until the other party can not understand what was wrong. Boycott - quite an effective tool, which is why you can not use it too often and for any reason. There is a risk that your partner will come to the conclusion that in an alienated silence there is nothing particularly wrong, and begin to look for understanding elsewhere.

Not the best way to win in a quarrel is blackmail. If your partner is up to you, it may give way, but will treat you exactly how to blackmail, and your relationship will suffer. If he accepts your ultimatum, you have to perform your threat - you really ready for this?

Do not find out the relationship with outsiders and not to involve in marital quarrels of their parents. To make peace after this will be much harder - public resentment forgotten soon. Yes and interested witnesses will not let you forget about the quarrel.

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