How to fall in love and be loved

How to fall in love and be loved
 There comes a time when you think that you have time to fall in love. But as in what? Sometimes that love comes immediately. You met at a disco and immediately realized that here it is - your one and only. And it happens that you draw in their dreams of Prince Charming, which is very similar to the fashionable actor or singer, and then a long wait and look exactly like that.
 Sometimes the girls fall in love, quite unexpectedly for himself. It would seem that you were friends, met in the company, and that at one point suddenly realized that this guy is the best. You stop to notice all its flaws, it seems that it consists of some merit. You begin to embrace the excitement when they met him, you are not what to say. And without him miss and suffering. You bring tears to his indifferent glance. What to do to be his favorite and the only one?

Firstly, we should not immediately declare him about his feelings. Today, even with a rather loose morals, it is believed that the first word still have to say man. That is, he must choose a girl and tell her how you feel. But in modern life, young people are not as active as we would like. So take the initiative in their hands, but do it very carefully. He should not have to guess, or think that you are imposing, and it can turn into a defeat for you.

 Interests of its plans, hobbies. If you really want to be loved, you have to be sincere. For a man, it is important to appreciate its uniqueness. It was the girl who will be able to admire his abilities and accomplishments, the one who will listen to him with interest, and win his heart.

Sometimes men hide their feelings. They seem to be admitting that his love, they are entirely subordinate his will a woman. Still, there are times when they doubt the feelings partner and therefore not recognized in the. Therefore show the seriousness of his feelings, not to make fun of him. Be interested in his opinion, ask advice. So he feels fit you.

And, of course, do not forget about their appearance. Take care haircut, manicure done, apply makeup. At the meeting, wear beautiful dresses, that he sees that you are trying to please him.