How to change your man: upgrade relations

How to change your man: upgrade relations
 When choosing a partner for a serious relationship, we consciously or unconsciously looking for a person that is most similar to us or in line with our gender stereotypes. But over time, there may be uncovered such quality that it was impossible to trace the original.
 Most often the so-called "flaws" that we find a partner, are just a mismatch with our opinion on his account. The opinion of any person is subjective and based only on his personal experience and patterns of behavior inherent in him as a child. Therefore, you should be aware of the responsibility that lies with you, once you decide to change something in a partner: in most cases, you do not make a person better, you just customize it for yourself.

The first rule that you should remember is that you'll get the praise far more than punishment. At the fair sex is very diverse arsenal of penalties, but do not let him move: it will not give anything but wasted time. In some cases, you can even provoke a reaction, the opposite of the desired. Praise him and compliments when the action is in the direction desired, and do it sincerely, without sarcasm. Make it so that he was well aware that his every action done for you, its expected return - and then you can straighten your partner in any direction.

Talk to him in his language, honestly and openly. At the dialogue, get rid of overly emotional or uninformative cues, use your logic to seriously discuss your concerns. If you come to a dead end, do not worry, but be honest about it and ask him about how to explain to you strange things. Let him know that you are a very important subject, since the problem is your total, but you can not solve it without a partner. Encouraging his pride, you will see that he will do almost anything to save you from the inconvenience or pleasure.

Often the cause of discontent of the fair sex is that their partner does not show initiative in the right areas. In this case you should not pay attention to gender stereotypes and move independently, but denoting the cause of action is not "me" and "us." Over time, you will see how your partner begins to take the initiative himself, trying to make you feel relaxed. Take his gestures with gratitude, and you will see how he would do it again and again.

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