From what habits do not wean a man?

From what habits do not wean a man?
 There are a large number of male habits that touches, amuse, irritate and even infuriated women. From one attachment to wean the elect can be, but with the other better to just accept it.
 Most often, a woman is faced with male habits when it is decided to live together. Meeting in a cafe in the evening, romantic walks on weekends and short common recreation in the country do not assume all the charms of marriage. That is why scattered socks, unclosed tube of toothpaste and puddles in the bathroom so surprised at first. Teach a man to try to close the toothpaste can. Moreover, this initiative can succeed. But some habits can not be eradicated, no matter how you try.

What a thought arises, when you hear the phrase "man's habit"? Of course, spreading socks and clothes. Deal with it. Constant criticisms and comments do not give any result. Radical methods, such as throwing scattered things are not always justified.

Another habit of relating to the category of "incorrigible", is a manifestation of attention to other girls. Agree, not very nice when a loved one is wrapped after just passed by beauty. And if it happens on your romantic date? But do not take it too seriously. Men look for women as well as on the machine. They admire them, but that does not mean that as soon as possible your partner jumps in the new car.

Bathroom for some women is almost a sacred place. Imagine: all kinds of jars, vials, boxes and a huge puddle in the middle of this beauty. There is an idea that men specially poured a bucket of water on the floor, so that no one doubted that they took a shower.

Trips by car can also identify an unrecoverable habit, if you are behind the wheel. Permanent comments and your driving style discontent can not only annoying, but actually interfere with driving. The fact that a man is trying to keep you out of a possible accident or violation of the rules. At the same time he knows that the main one who is behind the wheel. These two provisions are in conflict with each other, so sitting in the passenger seat navigator simply can not remain silent.

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