Flirt to your health!

Flirt to your health!
 Flirtation improves health, increases self-esteem, promotes short-term renunciation of problems, providing a respite from the hectic everyday life. Foreplay, flirting (so interprets the word "flirt" Dictionary Ozhegova SI) is useful to all - this is the opinion of experts, including physicians and psychologists. Symbols, conventions, fleeting glances, casual touch hand - are all appropriate. Except for one thing - excessive zeal and border crossing.

Scientists have found that the right flirting (ie flirting all the rules) promotes the release of hormones in the body, the list of which is not the last place is occupied by the well-known and famous endorphins - the hormones of joy and happiness. In other words, if you are someone invitingly open and smiled and got back admiring glance or a compliment, you can be sure - in the same moment, your body has taken a good portion of nutrients.

Sexual relationships - not necessarily the result of light flirting. Quite the contrary. It is noticed that a pleasant affair, which became the sexual relations, soon becomes boring and annoying burden, and the object - a sweet yoke or brutal macho - not interesting, and even bland man.

In the first position flirting goes unchallenged have no problem, and the desire to charm, to capture the imagination, cause genuine interest see the gleam in his eyes. Young people under these circumstances, learn to know each other better, stop complexes. People aged or encumbered family updated feeling them back the confidence of the irresistibility and feeling like "Oh, I'm still okay! Life goes on! ". That is, in any case, the mood rises, the burden of care is reset, stress and depression retreat, well-being and improve the overall tone. So who said that flirting - is that bad?

Neither non-binding love game brings joy and pleasure for both partners. And if flirting at a particular time is appropriate, do not be offended or hurt others (colleagues, friends, spouses, children), then you can relax, tune in lyrical mood and flirt health (ie literally - for health), positively charged emotions.

Feeling of freshness, vigor, a sense of his own irresistible and attractive - what could be better in a whirlwind of daily routine, monotony of everyday life in turmoil. Sociologists in surveys found out that the majority of working women flirt encouraged. They claim that the requirements to them at work and home demands affect their health, while the possibility of a love game (where else) promotes the desire to keep yourself in good shape and in good physical shape.

Many women do not mind flirting at a party, in the office, even on public transport and on the street. They believe that such a pastime or non-binding, and thus provides some leeway, the ability to be liberated and discard the usual restraint. The state of the light from the burdensome love the stronger sex boosts self-confidence, improves mood.

Today proved that the lovers flirt and build eyes rarely get sick (practically sitting on the hospital), they have stronger psyche and, consequently, they are less prone to stress and depression. Utilities love games (not to be confused with adultery!) - Wonderful motivator in the workflow. Finally, flirting, according to US scientists, is in the top 10 secrets of longevity, as strengthens the immune system and significantly reduces the level of cortisol in the body, which is called the stress hormone and unfounded fears. So flirt health, gentlemen.

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