First date. You can not and you can

First date. You can not and you can
 The first date can be the beginning of a wonderful novel, a funny adventure or a good friendship. The main thing is that it does not become a reason for you to reproach myself, "Well, why I behaved so foolishly? ". There are things that can spoil the beginning of the most promising relationship, and there are things that can push a simple liking for something more.

You can not pretend to be God knows whom. Be natural. First date - this is not an exam to theater school, so stop doing giggling and talking voice Renata Litvinova. Your acting skills you will need much later. In the meantime, be yourself, in the end, you can not pretend life. Let your partner know immediately what you are.

It is possible to emphasize those parts of clothing that you can be proud of. If you have shapely legs, do not hesitate to wear a mini-skirt, spectacular breasts mark cut blouses. Just do not go too far. Show your dignity, but not over-emphasize them.

Do not greet him with the whole story of his life once. It is unlikely that he is ready for such details, and memories of his predecessors he will not be pleasant. It does not matter you are talking about the former good or bad, new beau is not happy to hear it.

You can and should listen carefully to everything he says about himself. This will help you to get to know his new friend and maybe give the cards for future relations. In addition, men love women who know how to listen. The first date is often the result of your beauty, and the second will be the result of your ability to communicate.

Do not complain about life. Of course, you expect a man will become your reliable and sometimes in life vest, which you can cry, he's just not ready to take on this role on the first date. Positive people attract, while the problems of another person, most men prefer to withdraw. And you're still strangers.

Can pose as touchy. Let all the fun will not today. Keep your feminine curiosity and do not fall into the arms of the newfound boyfriend. Let him dream of you until the next meeting, a good option of events, is not it ?.

You can not drink too much. First date - it's always excitement, besides it is unlikely you went to a meeting tight dinner, most likely from the excitement did not eat a bite. This means that even one glass of wine can produce devastating effects. Be drunk, you can destroy the image of a beautiful lady. In addition, you should be careful, maybe your beau will deliberately pour you more, hoping that drunk you will become more open and pliable. It is better to drink water or assign a date to the coffee shop.

Do not seek to hit him on the spot and immediately. Treat first date calmly put too many expectations for this meeting, you will behave unnaturally. Failure is able to do to get you out of action for a long time. Applies to all easily and with humor.

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