Sexual complexes

Sexual complexes
 In our country, talk on the topic of sex education is not accepted. No, the mechanism of sexual relations is understood by all, young and old - access to all information and have children, and adults. The problem is that when there are problems related to sex, most withdraws into himself or seeks help from friends and acquaintances. Most often, these searches end with incomprehension. And he and the other path leads to the development of sexual complexes, get rid of that is possible only with the help of a specialist.

Strictly scientifically, sexy complex - this experience, painted strong negative emotions, which leads to permanent changes in human behavior in bed, transforming his thinking and personality in general. Accompanied by a feeling of fear is often complex, frustration, inadequacy and sinfulness. Sexual complexes are countless. Often they get their name from the mythical characters, literary characters and real people who lived in different eras. Here are just some of the most typical of them.

Narcissus complex, Diana or Amazon. Usually these complexes are separated, but they have very similar features. Narcissus is not interested in the opposite sex because sexual stimulation he receives only from the contemplation of his own body. Diana revels in its innocence, virginity, it builds into a cult. Amazon exalts himself above any man, seeing it only as a tool in order to conceive a child. Psychologists believe that all three types of the complex have some homoerotic overtones.

Complex Don Quixote or Alice in Wonderland. In this and in another case, a man is in a fantasy world. His expectations are directed to meet with invented characters. Sexual life can be more or less successful depending on how the partner will fit the ideal image. When the veil of illusion reopened (the partner does not meet the dreams), Don Quixote or Alice refuse to perceive reality, plunging ever deeper into a world of illusion. If they are forced to pull out, it can become very aggressive.

Complex Don Juan and Western culture. Don Juan interested in the opposite sex only in the process of conquest. When the goal is reached, any interest immediately disappears. Sexologists suggest that this behavior may be based on a subconscious fear of women. Such a complex distributed in countries with a Western mentality. The complex of Western culture - a focus on the art of sexual relations, which completely replaces the any feelings, especially love. This complex is actively exporting to us from the West through the media, movies, cult of consumption.

List all systems is not possible, but it becomes clear only one thing: a harmonious relationship between man and woman should be a place and fantasies and seduction, and technology, but the most important thing that will help to avoid the appearance of the complex - is love.

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