Sex does not end tomorrow! Update relations

Sex does not end tomorrow! Update relations
 After years of living together in a sexual life couples may come crisis. This crisis is characterized by loss of interest partners to each other and the risk of novels on the side, which may lead to rupture of the marriage. However, there are several ways to revive the old fervor with new vigor.

If the couple had problems with sex, the first thing they need to talk to each other and understand each other. Only joint aspiration of men and women to return former sex excitement and unforgettable experience can give results. In addition, the solution of this serious issue in itself contribute to emotional convergence partners.

The next step - a rejection of familiar surroundings and familiar actions. Take a good look at your bedroom, bed, bed linen: hardly an old bed that creaks at the slightest movement, and underwear from different sets helps to create a romantic setting. Buy an expensive and beautiful clothes, put fresh flowers in the bedroom, light a scented candle - in such an atmosphere you will undoubtedly want to intimacy!

Now look at what you go to bed. If it is an old nightgown or seedy shirt - throw it all away because of the unsuitability of these terrible elemental robes to incite passion! Much nicer, more interesting and sexier lie on silk sheets in the nude or elegant dressing gown on which and watch the fun, and shoot nice.

A particular point worth noting the use of all sorts of sex toys. Modern industry of sex entertainment offers a huge selection of different vibrators, nozzles, dildos, special incentive rings, exciting and prolong sexual intercourse lubricants, not to mention the special accessories purely amateur. The use of at least one such new items in your bed already guarantees you a new, previously unknown pleasure.

These are just a few options to diversify your sex life and make it more spicy. If you turn the fantasy and give free rein to the imagination, all can do much more interesting ...

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