Christmas aggravation: how not to spoil each other holidays

Christmas aggravation: how not to spoil each other holidays
 New Year - the most wonderful time. Delight is in the air, saturated with aroma of mandarin and fir branches. Kids love the New Year the most - it's the best holiday, vacation, mountain gifts and chocolate. But for adults - this turmoil, headache and hassle-nerves, nerves and as a consequence, quarrels with others. Get ready, New Year's aggravation - a perfect exam on time management.

To prepare for the New Year should start on December 1. Do not think it's too early, this is the perfect time. Spoil the mood of each other is very simple, if everything in "Platoon." The reason can serve anything from the color of the tablecloth on the festive table, ending an unwanted gift. An important rule - a planning and allocation of responsibilities in preparation for a magical night. You're a mom, a lovely woman, best friend, beautiful sister, aunt, all together - Beauty activist, so the parade and carry the flag be you. Take a notebook, a pen and get to work, you should:

1. Determine where you celebrate the New Year at home with his family, leaving my husband and I are going out of town or to visit. Changing solutions in one day or many days waiting, who and where is - one of the reasons for dissatisfaction with the household. Perhaps your son decided to hold a party at home, and you say, December 31, that will stay at home. Hope teenager collapse, and a quarrel breaks out. Another conflict - you do not want to meet with friends favorite holiday, and he with yours. Arrange in advance.

2. Duties. For a man to submit products, pre-compile a complete list with explanations if something becomes out of stock. Why send a man? Because for him it will be a task, rather than just waiting for you in the queue. Stronger sex does not like shopping, the slightest delay in our windows is a riot, so take care of your nerves.

Food - the problem of "biting" when several women in the kitchen. Each feels great, especially if it is a daughter-in-law. Clouds are gathering, wall, hang on. Do not step on a rake general, do this: Make-up menu, in consultation with all, and then assign roles - who and what will cook. Same-law happy to bring to the table baked cakes and herring under a fur coat. Every housewife will prepare your favorite meal in a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen, do not need to cook everything in your home, pushing each other with their elbows.

And yet, the question of the amount of alcohol. Do not purchase more than you need, otherwise you run the risk to see the "other persons" for their guests. On drunken head to inflate out of molehills, you can at a glance, a word, a gesture.

3. The program of the festival. The composition of the guests can be quite disparate, not all people are sociable and silence hovering over the table - a sign of failure in many ways. Ask guests to each prepared for the competition, and from the budget to allocate money for the holiday enjoyable show. Someone who likes to watch New Year's TV show, someone can not tolerate this. Install the TV in one room to another, leave a place for dancing, and the third - chill out zone, if all permit square meters.

4. Gifts. Receive and give gifts - it is art. Imagination provokes a conflict pair. Are you waiting for a fabulous, unusual gift, which the elect had already guessed. Thank you in advance draw a picture in my head enchanting and looks forward to its implementation on the eve of the new year. Seeing the gift, upset that it was "just" perfume "just" diamond ring "just" Porsche. Your face says it all for you, and loved going to explode. And also with friends and family: if you do not know what to give, ask leading questions, ask desires, and especially ask hard-nosed right in the forehead, what they give. And do hint what you want. Let your gift will be welcome.

5. Money. They are always in short supply and you look guilty. Accuse the young man that he was "pulled" all the money in the car, he accuses you of what you bought another "stupid" expensive dress. Spend your holiday according to your capabilities, save somewhere, something to help friends.

Meet the New Year with joy, with love, with smiles on their faces - quarrels and scandals will not withstand such an attack and retreat.

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