Be in the form of sexual

Be in the form of sexual
 Good sexy uniform - a condition that is characterized by several aspects. Firstly, it is the development of special muscles that help to get pleasure from sexual intercourse both the woman and her partner, and secondly, in good physical shape, because sex - it is a tedious process, characterized by increased absorption of oxygen by the body. In the third, sexually healthy person has a high sensibility, that is able to caress partner and respond to his caresses.

Researchers concluded that the hormone that regulates sexual desire - is testosterone. He is considered masculine, while in women it too, but in smaller amounts. At the same time, women are important and estrogen, which also affects the level of sexual desire. If a person has a disease associated with metabolic or hormonal disorders, the sexual desire becomes irregular and unstable. Stress and depression are also able to reduce the appetite of love.

That during sex do not get tired, and be able to move in the rhythm that you like and as much time as you want, you need to be in good physical shape. Various aerobic and anaerobic exercise, strengthens the cardiovascular system, capable not only to improve the appearance, but also make sex really long and quality. Often, women who believe that look bad because of excess weight, and are not satisfied with their sexual relationship. Physical activity can help to cope with these difficulties.

Another component of a good sexual shape - a muscle located in the genital area, thighs and pelvis. Everybody is aware of the rumors that some women in bed so good that men just lose their heads. This speculation is based on the fact that they have developed circular muscles located in the vagina, which can be compressed, preventing the outflow of blood from the male member. During sex he understands, maybe even for the first time how deeply it penetrates the partner, how big his dick and how long he remains an erection.

But modern women rarely pay attention to the circular muscles, although in the past in the Eastern countries, young girls are necessarily trained technicians stand, during which developed their intimate muscles to good level. To keep up with them in the modern world was established technique Kegel exercises by which any woman can "pump" the intimate areas in every sense.

Sexy shape also depends on how often women have sex, and whether they have a regular partner. The researchers found that people who are in a serious relationship with someone, on average, have a much higher level of sex than singles, changing sexual partners.

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