And to you who went to: the owner, an adventurer or a present?

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 Everyone in life plays a role, and every man plays a role in the cooperative relationship with a woman. But what kind of man you got: the owner, a present or perhaps an adventurer? Worth investigating.

Conventionally, the role of men in relationships can be divided into three main types: the owner, an adventurer and a present.
Men Host tend to treat everything in a businesslike way. Typically, these people seek comfort in the house, and in a relationship that they will build their own hands. The home team had nothing to do not trust others. More often than male owners - people open and kind, they are always happy to help and host. In the house of these men have many friends and always warm and cozy. However, if the male-master increased anxiety, the house would be slightly different. In this case, the house of the man will be like a warehouse, and the world around us and people will not be perceived as friends, but as enemies.

Men gifts tend to make a gift of ourselves, constantly increasing its price. In order to pick it up, they go through a variety of courses, improve their skills, and the like. In general, nothing wrong with that, if such self-esteem is really adequate. In the same case, if the environmental assessment will be, in the opinion of men, too low - it will not blame themselves, and the environment. In everyday life, men gifts tend to take no part, because they are the same and so the real treasures. It's very upsetting women, because the people gifts - true leaders, the soul of the company and a magnet for attention. Home all this disappears, the man in lust attention goes to his friends - and all of this conflict. How to change the situation? Then I need a man himself, however, it will take a lot of time and effort, the result is quite illusory.

Male adventurers, like the brave heroes of American movies, in real life are rare. At the same time - often their manners, the general level of knowledge, beautiful appearance and gallantry move women to self-improvement. That is their main goal. In life there are not met.

Depending on what kind of man you got, you should choose the strategy of its behavior. So men need to praise the owners and convince the security of the world. Man-gift requires re-correction self-esteem. As for the male adventurers, then sit next to them can only female adventurer, keep this in mind and change themselves.

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