An affair with a former

An affair with a former
 They say that men always come back. Whether or not to renew the relationship, if you still have not met her prince, and ex-boyfriend again trying to gain your attention? To the second attempt is not over yet another disappointment, try to analyze your feelings and emotions.
 In the first place, it is necessary to understand why you are still drawn to the person with whom you once decided to leave. Oddly enough, the most common motive - fear of loneliness. If all your friends are happy in marriage or relationship with the young people, and you can not find a soul mate, the reunion with former may look (and be!) This act of desperation. In addition, over time, memories of the old grievances are erased, the shortcomings of the former partner look insignificant. At the forefront pleasant memories. In addition, the person you once loved, it seems the family and friends unlike the rest of the stronger sex. However, it is worth considering, is not based on whether your attraction to the former attempt to escape from loneliness and desire to become "their" among married friends and colleagues.

Remember the reasons that played a major role in your decision to part with your partner? If you attempt resuscitation relationship you hope to re-educate your ex man, "sculpt" a likeness of his ideal, then you will have another failure. Pay attention to your communication at the moment: refinement, who was wrong, persistent explanation of the relationship, lack of willingness to compromise and to meet each other means that the future of your union is not.

Trying to be reunited with former lover can only be the case if you're really bored and miss him. If you are willing to accept it for what it is, live with its shortcomings, hobbies, outlook on life. It is important that the desire to create a full-fledged relationship was mutual. You can understand that the partner is serious in his behavior. Healthy relationships are possible if a man also tries to meet you, with pleasure plans for the future together, trying to gain your trust, not only words, but deeds, not satisfied with the "showdown" and does not torment you groundless attacks of jealousy.

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