What women do not have enough to be happy

What women do not have enough to be happy
 Previously, the usual recipe of female happiness was simple: one husband, two children, a small apartment and, preferably, a summer residence. And then - grandchildren, pickles, jams and knitting mittens in the evenings watching TV. Who needs the fairer sex have changed. Many women want to make a career, give as much time their own interests and not in a hurry to get married.
 Derive the formula female happiness in the modern world is quite difficult. Most likely, for each of the fairer sex, it will have its own. And find out what exactly is missing partner - the task of every loving man.

Although it is a wedding and not a prerequisite meetings and sharing partners, many women dream about it. Legally married seems to them the guarantor of their own future. To some extent the way it is. So if you really love your other half and decided to associate with her life, it is not necessary to delay the marriage proposal. Year communicate often enough to know each other and decide is right for you partner or not. Longer than expected. Most often, girls, happiness, which is only in creating a family, this is the term assign to "candy buketny period." And procrastination makes them nervous, doubting yourself and partner, and may well lead to the breakdown of relationships.

In contrast, women careerists in the majority in no hurry to get married. In the first place for them to work, business communication and promotion. It is interesting to them, family simply does not have time, and it is not their purpose. To bestow a girl have to try. Provide her care and comfort. Take on at least part of the domestic duties. Understand that your partner at work often very busy, do not distract her constant calls. It is better to write sms, then it will always be sure that you remember about it and love. And do not be offended by the lack of sustained attention from her. Her profession brings her happiness, understand and accept it. Then in your couple, everything will fall into place.

In addition to dedication, many women are paying a great time own hobby. And to make happy a girl, you need to maintain and develop its addiction. For example, if a favorite romantic and loves to attacks on nature, guided hikes with friends. If she likes to dance - often invite in night clubs. Loves theater - drive all premieres, etc. The second half will appreciate your efforts. Happy woman ready for a lot of men who gave her a dream.

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