Treason: classification apostate

Treason: classification apostate
 According to statistics, only one man out of ten have never cheated on his wife or permanent partner. Of course, the stronger sex like to exaggerate their love of victory, therefore likely that the number of true family man is much higher than this. Yet about natural male polygamy heard much every woman. It turns out that apostate too, are different.

Duplicitous. Unfortunately, the situation when a man lives on two families - not such a rarity. It can meet the same mistress for several years, virtually living in two houses. It happens that the two women from a man have children, so - no one is not ready to let him go by himself. In this case, the wife is often aware of the presence of another woman, but continues to live with her husband. Of course, such a relationship can not be called healthy, but in a situation where all they have satisfied all the right to life. Only regret a man who is forced to provide two families.

Kind of duplicitous apostate - a sadist. For him, it is important not so much the presence of two women, but also the desire to crush their identity. Relationship with him resemble the relationship of the victim and tormentor. It can constantly promise to break with his mistress, but again and again disappear from home and come in the morning, justifying their actions by any flaws in the behavior of his wife.

Repentant. Diffident man who is looking for proof of their manhood in bed. He just can not resist when he sees the desire in women's eyes. His betrayal is not organized, random and spontaneous. However, periodically it wakes up the conscience and the fear of losing the second half, so it goes with guilt and confesses all sins. To live with such a man is very difficult, firstly, have to endure his adventures, and secondly, to listen to the constant recognition with the refrain: "Not guilty! She herself! ".

Connoisseur. This man spoiled life, for him the presence of his mistress as natural as having a good machine. However, its connection does not pose a threat to the family. Firstly, it does everything that a spouse has not learned about the change, and secondly, does not allow the lover to go into their own lives. Typically, these men - quite a good family man, who did not spare the money and time to close, and sex on the side for them - a way to escape from the routine and prove to yourself that the youth has not yet passed.

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