Take the example of men - life will become easier!

Take the example of men - life will become easier!
 Many women are looking for men around them, notice a significant difference in the perception of the world with the opposite sex. Maybe it determines the differences that exist between men and women emotionally. Worth a look, how it is expressed, and think - perhaps a masculine approach can greatly facilitate life and a woman.

Notice how much effort and nerves leaves the woman's desire to please others. Many of us are constantly doubt themselves, afraid to seem ridiculous to others, unfashionable, ugly, old. In fact, it is not, but there are women who are genuinely upset for reasons that really anyone but them, not noticeable. Each appeared in the eye wrinkle becomes a real tragedy.

You have to understand that the love and respect you for not perfectly smooth skin and firmer breasts, and love themselves.

Less necessary to attach importance to the words that you hear from others. Some casually tossed a stranger in your e phrase that man just turned a deaf ear, can spoil the mood for the whole day. And because you have a bad mood, at the same time you are trying to ruin him and others to have all been sick and sad for the company.

Men were always more important things, performing he shows his love. Women tend to pay attention to the words of love and less notice specific actions. Yes, men do not lisp, but that does not mean they do not love you. Learn to appreciate the grudging affection, which gives you your favorite, and often praise him for his deeds and actions that he does for the sake of your overall well-being.

Pay less attention to meaningless trifles and do not make a tragedy for every little thing. Broken nail should not be quiet family evening. Learn to see the essence of things, even if they do not obstruct your thing. Appreciate what you have, and the less listen to the words and comments girlfriends and even parents. It is not necessary to discuss them with your family or private life, especially at work. Be more reserved. The fewer friends know about your differences, the sooner you make peace and find a common language and come to a consensus.

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