Strong ties sekspartnerstva

Strong ties sekspartnerstva
 We can not say, though only on sex keeps the family, but it is an important component in family relations. But how not to lose over the years the freshness of feeling during sex? To do this, one must not only pay attention to the partner, but also to try to please him.

It is clear that to have sex daily schedule nobody calls, because he did not have to remind the execution of marital debt, because it does not matter how much time you spend in bed husband. Most importantly, both husband and wife from sex got a real pleasure, otherwise one of the spouses will pull to the left. According to therapists, a man without a regular sex starts to lose touch with his wife, which is manifested in his distant and less desire to make love to his wife.

For some reason, most couples are convinced that when sex is not included in the plans of the evening, it is not necessary, and touch each other. However, basic touch closer. My favorite person in this case feels being wanted, even when your partner is experiencing fatigue, and sex is not expected. And who knows, after a few touches, and things can change dramatically.

Women tend to "put out" spouse from his body, but do not "punish" the spouse, quarrels happen at all. After a truce reached in bed equal recognition wife in love, and it is so nice.

Making love - it's a kind of confirmation that even in the case of disagreement in the love you find yourself on one side, and that indicates a lack of any kind were obstacles that can not be overcome. If, demonstrating his offense, limiting use of the body as a punishment, it is likely that your family life but disappointment nothing will.

All disputed matter sorted out before cross the threshold of the bedroom. In the event that disagreements between spouses insurmountable, then is it any further attempt to preserve what has not?

No need to wait on the second half of passionate scenes observed on the TV screen. In fact, due to certain circumstances, such rarely happens, but it does not mean that relations are deadlocked, because change is something else you can. And surprise your partner for a long time can not be and is not able to do the same.

That's why you need to surprise from time to time, even the strongest family relationships can not do without romance. If they do not feed periodically, then over the years, they begin to fade, and sometimes does get "out". So you need to fully rely on yourself and your imagination.

Being married woman should not feel possessive and you should not say to yourself, as if once the husband to "win", then you can relax. Her husband, in turn, wants to see in front of the wonderful image of his wife, who conquered his heart. Try to maintain the style, dress nicely, and most importantly, do not stop to seduce the man she loved, and in the relationship must necessarily be present flirtation. Making love, do not forget to look for a partner, especially orgasm, as a partner in this case will be able to watch the whole range of your feelings to yourself.

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