Separate vacation

Separate vacation
 Recently married couples or civil prefer to spend their vacation individually. This allows not only to test the feelings, but also to strengthen relations by updating sensations.
 Of course, a separate vacation involves the emergence of various difficulties and misunderstandings on the part of the second half. This is due to the fact that there is a feeling of jealousy, There are complaints that the time spent away from all bad checks are carried out (unexpected arrival, phone calls).

Before you go to vacation alone expedient to discuss all conditions, not to be in an awkward situation and not to spoil the mood for the remaining time. For example, it is advisable to arrange a time to calls or messages, that both partners were willing to communicate, without prejudice to everyone. In this case, you must take into account the difference in time zones, so as not to disturb the sleep before a hard working day.

To partner was sure of loyalty, it is recommended to systematically send love messages or emails with attachment of photos from holidays. This will enhance the sexual attraction to each other and to express love and longing for the loved one. If the spouse (wife) too jealous, then you need to talk more about what unattractive representative of the opposite sex are surrounded. In the stories about the days spent should focus on the sights and beauty of nature, the originality of shops and public institutions.

Arrival home is agreed in advance to a loved one could prepare, set aside time to meet at the airport or train station. This will avoid a scandal because of what may have to call a taxi and get home with suitcases.

Separate holiday, according to experts in the field of psychology, is the ideal solution couples who have lived together for a long time. To remove the tension and conflict resolution is advisable to spend time alone, as joint rest will only worsen the situation.

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