Man goes - he wants to be opening again!

Man goes - he wants to be opening again!
 How fickle are the people to express their own feelings. It seemed so long ago a man was ready to offer his woman all over the world, and now for some reason he looks away and says the inevitable parting. So why did he go?

Parting - a complex and painful process. And almost all people go through it. There are many reasons, but mostly they all boil down to the opinion of the initiator gap that is not the kind of person to be with him. Men not only conquerors, eager to conquer new territory, but also people who want to be interesting their halves. In the best sense of the word.

When men notice fading former interest, they are alarming and begin to frantically look for women for whom they are new, unknown and interesting. Interesting for both men and not a good family man, caring earners and sponsors. They longed for female attention, they dream of becoming for someone new discovery.
They want to close people noticed their mind and gallantry, gently and subtly promote their development, while at the same time a loved one as he is. That's the paradox of desire.

There is even a kind of theory of Vladimir Tarasov, director of the Tallinn School of Management, the desire of women to a solid and sustainable relations, and men - to the illusory and brittle. Can be under or challenge the validity of such a claim, but as a variant of this theory is the place to be.

The man is unlikely to want to be with a woman, for which he became a convenient habit. And unwillingness to put up with this situation just a matter of time. Find your new terra incognito, a man leaves. Goes to a new relationship and to know another person with him to know himself. Of course, this is not the only reason for separation. There are also infidelity, lack of understanding, mutual claims and claims. All of them are slowly but surely eroding relationship. And there on the ground, when the concept of "we", gives the concept of "I".

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