Love - a wicked thing?

Love - a wicked thing?
 Unfortunately, love is not always mutual. Sometimes it starts very well, but eventually disappears one partner, leaving the soul of another serious wound. Yes, it happens: love is evil, and undivided feelings become a problem for many years. Very often we dream of those who does not love us, and causes suffering of others ...

Love - bright, light feeling, which dreams of every man. However, given the many facts of life, and it becomes obvious that it is a bright feeling can bring suffering and disappointment for many years.

In most cases, about the treachery of love say when it arises only in one heart, namely, when undivided feelings. In fact, this condition can hardly be called love - it fits the definition of desire, addiction, lust, passion. And if, despite all attempts to attract attention, you can not achieve a reciprocal feeling, try to get away from this obsession. Otherwise, the consequences of such suffering will be the development of the complex and the eternal loser out of life time.

Sometimes it happens: initially your love was mutual, but over time the relationship was given a crack, and maintain a sense of failed. Unfortunately, very often it happens when the relationship appears somebody else. Before you fight for love, look back and analyze your relationship: it is possible that something was the impetus to ensure that your partner has started to search for new sensations. If there is no reason, and attempts to return the old relationships end in failure, think, because your efforts are not worth such a betrayal and lies. Of course, try to keep a sense perhaps, it is not necessary to make trouble and revenge. You need to sit down and figure out whether it is possible to keep what you want to save.

In no case do not fight with an opponent. It is better to join in themselves, their appearance, their soul. In this case, you will have a chance to regain its former partners' interests or to attract the attention of others. In any case, the fundamental change in itself should be the only solution in this situation.

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