How to keep a man nearby

How to keep a man nearby
 First dates, excitement and struggle with rivals behind. Favorite confessed his love, firmly entrenched in your home and in your soul, and you think that you can breathe easy. And in vain! To win the man is not so difficult. It is much harder to keep it close. Well, there are proven recipes for years.  
 Learn to listen

For some reason, many women believe that they know, what men want. And begin to follow patterns, generously supplied with the TV screen and on the covers of glossy magazines. And here you are painfully lose weight and do not cook dinner, because at night there is harmful. After all, men like slim. Make a career, and he is very busy, even on holidays and weekends. After all, you need to develop to be an exciting lover. Learned the names of all the names of the attackers and the football league teams. It's so important to keep dragging her boyfriend.

A better just to listen to her man? It is possible that he always liked girls in the body. And he's delighted with your round cheeks. And he wants to spend the evening with you, not alone with the computer. And he loves cakes and roast for dinner. And keep in shape prefers using the gym, not diets. Live as you like, but not believed to be correct.

Vary your sex life

A man can forgive you anything - overweight, lack of three-course meal, your indifference to love fishing and long telephone conversations. But sexual life should be vibrant, diverse and regular. In bed, no place prejudices, cramped and quarrels.

Give your loved freedom

Men are close to those women who are not making any visible effort to keep them. Pretend that you live well and without a man, pretending self-sufficient and proud very difficult. Become independent in fact. Not nazvanivat favorite in the evenings, do not bother asking why he stayed on the job and not to find out with whom he went to the bowling alley. Create your own little world, where there will be only your hobbies, friends and interests. Become an equal partner in the relationship with your man. And if you do not, and he would have to wonder how to keep you around.

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