How to diversify relations

How to diversify relations
 Relationship between loving people must constantly evolve. Otherwise, the likelihood is high that you are bored with each other and between you will have serious problems. So there is a need to diversify the relationship.
 Quite often men, having achieved his goal, cease to pay due attention to the woman. Defeats the purpose of courtship, romantic, etc. Spend an evening on the couch starts to get in the habit. Gradually, relations cooled. If they do not vary in time, you will be fertile ground for the emergence of serious problems.

In the monotony of blame not only men but also women. Lack of desire to do something nice and unusual for his men neglect their appearance, the rejection of the initiative - all this directly affects the relationship.

That they are not at an impasse, we must constantly bring them something new. It may be small, but pleasant experiences. For example, a joint exercise. This not only will get you back into shape, but also give time for socializing.

Try to do everything together. For example, you can choose one day of the week in which you will prepare meals together. This will significantly bring you closer, and the process of cooking turns into fun. The more you will be engaged in a common cause, and it is known to be much closer.

Another way, which will diversify relations is guessing the flavors of each other and the giving of small surprises. What could be easier than to please their mate, just do for her what she wants? The most important thing here - to observe the effect of surprise, and then even a small flower can cause such emotions that are difficult to cause a whole bunch, presented in any holiday.

Plays a significant role and the sexual aspect of the relationship. Buy toys, create new poses, play role-playing games. You will notice that this diversity will be transferred on your everyday life, at first glance not related to physical intimacy.

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