How to build a serious relationship

How to build a serious relationship
 Building relationships - rather complicated process. He is under the force of each pair. After all, the relationship even after a long time should preserve the freshness and attractiveness for both partners. They should not be any limits, and to be sincere feelings, affection and mutual respect.
 One love to build a serious relationship is not enough. Yes, this feeling can be hard, but there are other factors, not less strong, which can destroy any pair.

Always keep a little distance. When a relationship is only tied, I want to know the person as much as possible, I want to be with him 24 hours a day. But along with the convergence takes place and novelty. And finally feeling end, routine kills them. If you need a serious and lasting relationship, do not be tempted to know your partner is 100%. Do not spend too much time together, take breaks between communication. Meet with their friends and colleagues, do not dwell on one person, even if he is very, very favorite.

Do not monitor each other, do not create too serious prohibitions and restrictions. Man locked up in a cage wishes of others, seeks to break free. Tight control of most rapidly destroys relationships. Give your partner the freedom, and your relationship will only become stronger.

Close your eyes to the minor flaws of their loved one. There are no perfect people, each has its pros and cons. Pay attention only on the merits, or thoughts about the shortcomings can destroy feelings. At some point, the relationship may be tempted to criticize everything that makes a lover. But do not give in to this feeling. To replace him come and other positive emotions, you only need to wait time.

Find the total activity or hobby. After all, if you do not have the conversation, then you can very quickly get bored with each other. Of course, with a loved one can be silent, but that silence can not last forever. Therefore, the couple should always be something in common.

If the relationship had problems, quarrels, misunderstandings, resentment, try to respond to all this calmly. Each pair have bad periods. And if you can go through them without major scandals, we can say with confidence that your relationships have been one of the most important tests.

And, of course, love your partner, prove their feelings in words and deeds. Do not hurt him, never say cruel words, they can not turn back.

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