Sex, who love women

Sex, who love women
 Men and women in different ways to enjoy sex, so they love and sex is different. Often a man trying to please a woman, guided only by himself, without even thinking about what really wants his partner. In fact, for an unforgettable sex is important to know and to do only a few moments.

Woman madly important emotion - such is the natural nature. She has to hear how you love her - better a passionate whisper it in your ear is a moment of intimacy. Feelings will be even sharper if you can show your love to her, look into your eyes, look at it, and look as if you can not look away from her disturbing sensuality forms.

However, this does not mean you have to stick to only one sex sensually romantic line of conduct. On the contrary, sometimes, but someone and often need to show all his virility, which is perfectly manifest in hard sex. Do not be afraid to make sudden movements, and even do a little painful, kissing and strangle in the arms of his strong hands - women like strong men.

Mostly sex should be spontaneous - it will not give the ordinary creep into your relationship. Tackle unrestrained and passionate sex wherever you want - on the beach, in a closed bedroom at a party, in the office of the office. Yes, it is extremely - in fact you can find, but all the more intense and bright are your feelings!

Most insane orgasm your partner will receive, if you find the point G. Well G-spot stimulation occurs when a woman lies on her back, legs wrapped around your neck, or if you keep her legs high enough. Enter into it deeply, first make a smooth movement, and further increasing the pace - you are 100% notice the moment when the desired point is found, and when acted upon will be the most effective.

Sex games last on the list, but not the last in importance. Games can be quite different: tie, tied to the bed, hold an ice cube on the skin, have a drink with her body skillfully poured champagne or do something else - everything is limited only by your imagination. Experiment and enjoy your partner and you are guaranteed.

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