Chinese puzzle love

Chinese puzzle love
 The natural world of human emotions has no nationality. But at different times and in different cultures to this fact treated differently. For the most part it affects religion and cults have different objectives. Love - the most basic of all human feelings. How it is necessary to love? Let us turn to the Chinese love to read and write.

The most important feature of Chinese culture is the focus on the harmonious unity of all aspects of human life. And in the view of the nature and purpose of human sexuality central importance given the inextricable link between spiritual development and sexual relations. You must have a certain cleanliness. Thus love is seen as a special category.

In Taoism love is understood as the internal energy of the heart, not as an activity of the mind. Too many people used to think that love - this is a positive force. But often under this feeling meant very different things. They can bring a huge amount of negative energies that may adversely affect the destiny of man.

If you misunderstand the meaning of this feeling, then eventually your emotions and stress oppressed begin to pull out your life force, forcing you to sacrifice. We have to learn to love, not to give more than it is possible. Otherwise, your sexuality will fall, and love in the heart just burn down.

It is believed that you have to love someone. On a personal note of love are waiting for relatives and friends. In the spiritual terms it wants from a human sample or fictitious, endowed with boundless love "character." But at the same words and actions of others will never satisfy those needs.

For centuries, people try to understand the nature of love. But it turns out, only a dip in yourself, you can find the answer to this question.

A major problem is the desire to satisfy their needs outside itself, not developing or opening their own internal energy source. Thus, there is a stretch of energy until the relationship did not reach its logical conclusion. Happy relationship - is the ability of two people with excess to give each other the love that flows from their sources. Strive for a harmonious union of two principles, when executed by this wonderful feeling. Is not that the meaning of life?

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