Bedding ridiculous habit in men

Bedding ridiculous habit in men
 Find flaws can even the most perfect man. If after several intimate relations or on their wedding night, you find he has a couple of absolutely ridiculous bed habits and understand that to deal with it, you can not not reconciled, and join in his upbringing and try to rectify the situation.
 If a man tries to seduce you, dancing striptease, which he did not get

Laugh if you're funny, but do not depict excitement. You can join in and turn everything into a fun game or just dragged him to bed without giving further "erotic" dance.

If a man does not caress you, but rather rough enough for the most tender places

Try to gently explain to him that all the roundness of the same tender as his body parts or gently pinch him for something that is not less sensitive.

If at the height of passion, he breaks your best underwear

Let me do it once. And then spent night invited him to visit an expensive shop with linen, so it together with you studied prices and gave you something wonderful for new experiments.

If a man forgets to shave or remove the socks

Output in this situation only one: Take him by the hand and take the bathroom. Before SPA-sex he just have to undress completely, and about shaving it gently hint.

If a man is not satisfied with the preludes and likes quickie

Try to explain to him that excited woman - this is a very passionate creature that is able to respond to every step of tenderness. And be sure to demonstrate it.

If a man is at the peak of ecstasy suddenly starts to talk to you about abstract topics

Try to stop him and close his mouth kisses.

If he constantly forgets about condoms

Always have a spare pack.

If after sex a man smokes in bed

Not to be afraid that he will fall asleep with a lit cigarette and not to breathe tobacco smoke, make it a rule to smoke only on the balcony or on the street.

If after sex a man begins to include television or immediately call on business matters

Advance Unplug TV, telephone and ask him to hide a little lie down quietly.

If after sex a man for a long time trying to find something in the fridge and prevent you from falling asleep

In advance, leave in a conspicuous place something edible.

Most importantly, all the flaws of your beloved you just did not seem disgusting, but nice features. And everything else in your power.

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