As part with the loser

As part with the loser
 Communicating with a person for a long time, you will surely begin to share some of his beliefs, thoughts on his template and use it the scheme of interaction with the environment. But if this man - a loser, your life can also go on a slope.

He was constantly fired from their jobs, and is accompanied by a search for a new complaints, whining and irritability. His cheated on the market and slip defective goods in the store. He gives in to difficulties and can not achieve your goals. A likely had no goals at all. And if at the same time you are ambitious, hard-working, successful and optimistic, with a man you'll never be comfortable.

It is possible that in the beginning of a relationship you may find that you have met kind, sympathetic, economic rights. It can be gentle, caring and loving. If such qualities are priority for you, and you are ready to close their eyes to everything else, that person - for you. However, be prepared for the fact that you will always need to take on absolutely everything, even a purely male problem, provide for their families and maintain optimism in the relationship. The slightest failure can cause depression in this man, and it will have to deal with you.

Take a look into the future and think about how you see yourself and your family many years. If important to you good income, development, travel, good education for your children - with the loser of all this can be forgotten. To his depression will be added to the envy of other people's victories, to a lack of money - greed, to the inability to realize - anger on others.

Remodel loser makes no sense if it does not think of it yourself. Of course, such a person can motivate, encourage, promote ... However, it is likely that after reaching the minimum success he traded you to another who did not know him in the same unenviable status.

The loser will always be an example for your children. Bad example. Extremely difficult to grow a purposeful and strong spirit son if his father is far from similar concepts.

Initiative of parting with a loser you will have to take over. Does he talk about the reason for the gap - decide for yourself. But while there are strict and peremptorily. Stop with him all the contacts to prevent accidental meeting. And start a new life, surrounding himself with successful and positive people. After this decisive step you will surely feel the luck smiles at you and opens up new perspectives on life.

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