5 questions that you should not ask him

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 No wonder the people are composed of deaf and dumb jokes about the ideal wife. Women love to talk - each in varying degrees, of course. Sometimes the woman is like a child who has just started to explore the world. "What? "" But why? "" But why? "" But how? ". However, there are a number of issues that the beloved is better not to ask.

1. "What are you thinking? »

Typically, such a woman asks a question when there is a pause in the conversation. And most of all wants to hear only one answer: "Of course, for you! ". But in a moment of silence he can think about the weather, or quotations of currencies on the spot on the wallpaper! And if he will answer honestly, you have an answer, of course, are not satisfied. If a man really wants to share with you my thoughts, then he will do it without any additional requests.

2. "Where are you? »

When a man hears this question, it seems that you are trying to control his life. Admit it really well - a rare woman interested in the location of a man of pure interest. It is possible your man honest answer you question, but definitely feel irritation. It is not necessary once again to meddle, because track all movement of people is impossible.

3. "Tell me honestly, I'm fat? »

What are you waiting for an answer by asking such a question? Of course, "No, my dear, you look great! ". And if a man takes and honestly answer "yes"? Fish for compliments can be more sophisticated and less irritating ways, because the man is completely lost trying to find the only correct answer to this question.

4. "How many women have you had? »

Suppose he replied that much. He, of course, is a womanizer. And if a little? So he is inexperienced and insufficiently attractive. If a man wants, he himself will tell you about his past, although psychologists strongly recommend not to talk on such topics with your partner.

5. "Do you love me? »

Such recognition is not necessary to pull ticks. If a man loves, he will say about it. If you do not say, then, does not like. It's simple. A forced confession of love ... Well, maybe it will make you happy? ..

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